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Online with Credit Card:  You can now purchase copies of documents through LandShark by paying with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit card.  This option is offered through Point N Pay.  In addition to the Todd County Recorder’s office fee of $2.00 per document, there is a convenience fee as follows, which goes directly to Point N Pay.

Credit Card or Debit Card (except Visa Debit Card) 2.5% of amount paid - Minimum Fee of $1.50.


Welcome to Todd County’s LandShark software! 
 If you are searching the paper tracts and a Lot/Block appears to be missing on a certain plat - keep scrolling through the entries for that plat because they might be located at the end of the plat entries for that specific plat.

Book Abbreviation Key:       
AS - Associations
DE - Deeds
LI  - Liens
MI - Miscellaneous
MO - Mortgages
OA - Old Age Asst Lien
PA - Power Attorney
PR             - Probate

Please be aware that the TORRENS DIVISION within LandShark is very incomplete - you must use the paper tract books and grantor/grantee for old torrens entries.  Please feel free to call the office for a better explanation. 320-732-4428.


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