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About Landshark  

LandShark is a web-based tool for the location and retrieval of land record documents.  With LandShark, you can search for land record documents and, if the document is available on our system, actually view the document on your computer.

Todd County does not offer single day access using credit cards.


Online with Credit Card:  You can now purchase copies of documents through LandShark by paying with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit card.  This option is offered through Point N Pay.  In addition to the Todd County Recorder’s office fee of $2.00 per document, there is a convenience fee as follows, which goes directly to Point N Pay.

Credit Card or Debit Card (except Visa Debit Card) 2.5% of amount paid - Minimum Fee of $1.50.


Welcome to Todd County’s LandShark software! 
 If you are searching the paper tracts and a Lot/Block appears to be missing on a certain plat - keep scrolling through the entries for that plat because they might be located at the end of the plat entries for that specific plat.

Book Abbreviation Key:       
AS - Associations
DE - Deeds
LI  - Liens
MI - Miscellaneous
MO - Mortgages
OA - Old Age Asst Lien
PA - Power Attorney
PR             - Probate

Please be aware that the TORRENS DIVISION within LandShark is very incomplete - you must use the paper tract books and grantor/grantee for old torrens entries.  Please feel free to call the office for a better explanation. 320-732-4428.


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